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Jawabu-Stima Medical Cover

Stima Sacco has partnered with Jawabu Micro-health to provide a flexible medical insurance cover that targets all Stima Sacco members.  The Afya Plan includes a premium of Kshs 12,500, an in-patient cover of Kshs 500,000 and an out-patient cover of Kshs 50,000. The Maisha Poa plan on the other hand includes a premium of Kshs 7,500, an in-patient cover of Kshs 150,000 and an out-patient cover of Kshs 30,000.


Health insurance is important as it covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining one’s health, as well as treating illnesses and accidents. Health insurance protects one from unexpected, high medical costs. You get free preventive care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups, even before you meet your deductible.

In the case of the Jawabu-Stima health plan, both products provide an array of benefits such as in-patient care for dental and optical conditions. The member is also assured of a cover in the case of congenital conditions, pre-existing chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, psychological and psychiatric conditions as well as funeral expenses. Maternity issues are also catered for, as well as post hospitalization within 3 weeks of discharge.


The product is designed to facilitate business growth through timely solutions that make it easy for business people to undertake seamless business transactions. Under the product members are able to access

·         Bid bonds

·         Performance bonds

·         Advanced payment guarantees 

·         LPO financing

·         Invoice discounting


Trade Guarantees Minimum Requirements


·         Duly filled application form

·         Articles of Association

·         Written consent from directors

·         Kenya power contract letter/tender

·         Registration certificate/certificate of incorporation

·         PIN certificates (company and directors)

·         Director’s ID copies


Individuals/Biashara members

·         Duly filled application form

·         Contract letter/tender document

·         Business Registration certificate

·         PIN certificate

·         Applicants ID copy


The product eliminates cash flow problems associated trade

Guaranteed project completion

It offers convenience thus reduces processes and allows you to trade uninterrupted