Salo Chap Chap

Salo Chap Chap will provide a seamless salary processing solution that aims to ensure members receive their salaries, allowances, and pension payments in a timely and efficient manner. This Service will not only revolutionise how we pay our members’ salaries, but it will also do so in a cost-effective manner. Giving a reprieve to both […]

Stima DT Sacco Affordable Mortgage Scheme

One way of adapting sacco services with members’ needs would include plugging into the Big Four Agenda so that they can offer products and services that help ordinary citizens take advantage of incentives offered by government, say for home ownership through the affordable homes programme. #stimasaccomortgage #property #affordablehousing #construction #homeownership Read more here:

What is the difference between Alpha deposits and Share Capital ?

Alpha Deposits are the monthly contributions a member pay towards the Sacco. Individuals require a minimum of Ksh. 1,000 contribution per month; groups ksh. 5,000 and Corporates Ksh. 10,000. This can be used as either security to members loans or guarantee other members. Interest rebate is earned on alpha deposit annually and calculated on pro […]

Building Resilience Webinar

How flexible are you in reframing your thought patterns? Register here for the webinar on Thursday 26th August 2021 themed ‘BUILDING RESILIENCE’ and learn to tap into a strengths-based approach to working through obstacles. #webinar#futureofworking#mysaccomyinvestment

Stima DT Sacco Roundabout

Progress at the Stima Sacco roundabout in Kisumu City which has been adopted by Stima DT Sacco in @CitiOfKisumu beautification program.