As it is, it is a policy. Initially moved from three years to five years currently. With the guidelines in force only the Medical Assessment Report might be permanent.

  1. Dully filled Income Tax Exemption form 1 and 2
  2. COPY of Disability Assessment Report from the government gazetted hospitals with the Director of Medical Services signature and remarks from AFYA HOUSE LG 29. Also attach ophthalmology report signed by a consultant ophthalmologist from a government hospital for Visual disability, psychiatric report signed by a consultant psychiatrist from a government hospital for mental disability and Audiology report and BRAIN EVOKED RESPONSE AUDIOLOGY(B.E.R.A.) signed by a consultant ENT from Kenyatta national hospital for Hearing Disability.
  3. KRA Pin Certificate (iTax)
  4. Copy of National Identification Card
  5. Copy of NCPWD Disability Card
  6. A certified copy of the latest pay slip where applicable
  7. Original letter from employer where applicable, clearly stating the nature of disability and how it affects the employees’ productivity at place of work.
  8. Tax Compliance Certificate.
  9. Copy of Business Certificate where applicable

NB: RENEWAL OF EXEMPTION; in addition to the above listed requirements, applicants should attach a copy of the expired income exemption certificate and latest disability assessment report.

1-month to 3-months due to the process involved.

As it is, it is a policy. All applications must be recommended through the vetting panel.

  • You are registered in order to get services provided by government through the Council and other authorized bodies this services include among others: 
  • Assistive Device
  • Economic Empowerment 
  • Education Assistance
  • Infrastructure and Equipment for Institutions Tools of TradeLPO-Financing
  • Albinism (Support Program)
  • Disability MainstreamingJob Placement
  • Legal Advisory Services


  • For planning the government needs to know the number of its citizen and their needs therefore to plan for PWDs as a special case it is important to have a database for all PWDs.

We have gazetted government facilities allowed to carry out the assessment across the Country. These are level-four hospitals since they have the rehabilitation services necessary during the assessment.

Depending on where you are the card can be issued from within 1-day to 14-days if the medical assessment is ready and signed by the director of medical services.

Requirement to register a group. 

  1. Certificate of registration from the Governing authority.
  2. Minutes to the group.
  3. List of membership.
  4. Composition of membership. (70 % Disability and 30% others.)
  5. Contact person.
  6. Fill in the Organization Registration Form.

Application does not guarantee funding. Once applications are received at our county offices, they are subjected to a vetting process by a committee that has members from various departments. The applications that meet the required criteria are then forwarded to the headquarters for processing and eventually funding.

What is the criteria of selecting the beneficiaries?

Various parameters are considered during the vetting process. Some of which are: 

  • The applicant must have a disability and registered by NCPWD
  • The applicant must be a student in the school. 
  • Gender balancing of the successful applications in every county must be considered 
  • All disabilities must be well represented. All levels of education are to be considered (university, primary, secondary, college). 
  • An applicant can only be funded once within a financial year
  • All relevant documents must be attached

This is a product tailored to serve PWDs by increasing their capacity to respond and adequately service tenders thus meeting supply requirements. The loan is available to individual women owning enterprises or women owned companies.

How do I apply for LPO financing?

These are the requirements for LPO financing:

  1. Fully completed loan application form
  2. Copies of National IDs and PIN Certificate for all borrowers, and company in case of a Limited company
  3. Two most recent passport sized photographs
  4. Business/company registration certificates
  5. Bank statements for the last 6 months
  6. Copies of proposed securities and recent valuation report (for all amounts)
  7. Resolution to borrow in case of a Limited Company capturing amount, purpose, payment period and security offered (must be sealed)
  8. Borrower’s personal guarantee/ directors’ (if company)
  9. Borrower’s personal guarantee/ directors’ (if company)
  10. Customer account details form – must be KCB account (sealed in case of Ltd co.)
  11. Cr 12 in case of a Ltd company
  12. Articles and Memorandum of Association for Ltd companies
  13. Audited accounts for the last 3 years for companies (for amounts above

Who qualify for LPO financing?

An AGPO registered Person with Disability Kshs 500,000)

  1. Copy of AGPO certificate

remittance options


  • Customer downloads app pesadirect or visits
  • After installing the app, enter the amount to Send and click “continue”
  • Click “Sign Up” or login if you had previously registered on
  • Sign up as a new user
  • Select Receive Method as “Bank or Sacco Deposit”. Click “Add new Bank or Sacco”
  • Select Stima Sacco from the list
  • Enter your Stima Sacco Account Number 802*******00, and click “Add Bank or Sacco”
  • Add your method of payment (Debit Card preferred)
  • Review order information, and if OK, click “confirm”
  • Your Transaction is Complete! You may download the receipt for your records


Bank details to use

  • Account name: Stima Sacco Society
  • Account number: 01120069062600
  • Bank: Cooperative Bank
  • Branch: Stima Plaza Branch
  • Swift Code: KCOOKENA
  • Branch Code: 11035


Members with mpesa access can send directly using the Paybill options below.

Deposit using Mpesa

  • You need to be an M-PESA registered customer
  • Go to M-PESA on your phone menu
  • Select Payment Services/ Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Select Pay Bill Enter 823244

For Monthly Deposit, enter 802xxxxxxx00, where xxxxxxx is your member number.

For shares Capital, enter 800xxxxxxx00, where xxxxxxx is your Member number.

For Deposit into Prime a/c enter 801xxxxxxx00, where xxxxxxx is your member number.

NB: Your membership number ought to be seven digits.

  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN, confirm details are correct and press OK